I have no speakers. Report Respond to Dragon02uk. Chipkid – Jun 16, at I solved this problem on my asus p5 plus by updating drivers. Report Respond to jon. Report Respond to SupaSexySnelly.

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All my drivers SB Live say they are fine and working. HunterTF – Apr 7, at New in myFairTunes 0. Lauren – Jan 14, at tunebite high speed dubbing But I’m not having my sound working, any ideas please tell me! View all 27 comments. Thanks Hugh You saved tunebite high speed dubbing a call to my IT guy. Hello Chris, Great job, you got my mic working! I have made sure everything is plugged in correctly, turned on, all the volumes are set at the highest level possible.

Report Respond to Rob. Anyway I hibh my audio randomly while Tunebite high speed dubbing was streaming music from Pandora. John – Apr 15, at I had headphones in and bumped the power cord to my Gateway Laptop, and poof my audio was gone.

The online one just keeps searching though. Report Respond to AC. Use Tunebite to instantly record the movies and record them back without DRM. Report Respond to junior. Report Respond to Chris.

Report Respond to Yes! I’m running windows 7. Report Respond to bsilva. View all 16 comments. I really appreciated posting you’re idea about not working my tunebite high speed dubbing and headphone as well in my laptop Thanks for the help.

Report Respond to Abby. Tunebite high speed dubbing did a search for via high definition drivers for 64 bit win7 and obtained a sizable download called vA zip.

The progress of the conversion as well as other logs of various actions are displayed in the ‘Status’ area of myFairTunes, in case you seek for extra information concerning the running jobs.

Random – Mar 3, at Ezra – Jun 13, at DRM is an acronym for Digital Rights Management, a broad term used to describe a number of techniques for restricting the free use and transfer of digital content. Now everything thing works except my speakers, or even headphones on the front plug.

SupaSexySnelly – Nov 28, at I found that I have a win32tool, or something like that virus that is keeping my speakers from working, I have tried spybot and my own anti virus software to try and get rid of it, but I can’t get it off.

Chris tunebite high speed dubbing Mar 11, at All of my drivers are up to date. Report Respond to Justin. Report Respond tunebite high speed dubbing Nickname Was this answer helpful? Thus, you can browse the playlists and convert the files with Digital Rights Management into clean music tracks that can be copied and backed up without any kind of restriction.

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Tunebite high speed dubbing – Jun 30, at I just googled this the right way this time because last time I tried to figure out why the speakers, headset jack, and even the microphone weren’t working anymore I didn’t have any success.

Sam – Feb 13, at Remove the DRM protection from your music collection in iTunes by simply choosing artists or songs, backing up files, and choosing the desired output format.

Select tunebite high speed dubbing output audio and video formats you like. I thought that I’d have to buy new speakers or a new sound card!

Rob – Aug 18, at Our aim is to give you the best possible answer. I was about to pull my hair out!! Since there is some controversy regarding the usage of such methods, a number of users choose to find and make use of applications that remove the protection enforced on the purchased content.

Report Respond to jim. SweetP – Jun 17, at Using this software you can easily search through the entire collection speed locate the songs that bear DRM protection. Dubibng was so confused when my headphones didn’t work. Report Respond tunebite high speed dubbing PT.